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Madeleine Floyd writes and illustrates her own stories. 'Captain's Purr' is her first children's book and is published by Orion in the UK and Harcourt in the USA. Captain was an extremely handsome cat who lived with Madeleine and her husband in West London. His story has a beautiful riverside setting and reveals the secret as to why cats purr. Captain's enigmatic story and Madeleine's captivating illustrations are already delighting readers of all ages.

The Children's Bookseller March 2003 "The illustrations are gorgeous and this is a book that adults will fall for too".

Captain's Purr
Orion Children's Books
ISBN 1 84255 257 0


'Cold Paws, Warm Heart' is Madeleine's second book and is a comforting story of friendship between a little girl and a lonely polar bear who can't get warm.

Cold Paws, Warm Heart
Walker Books
ISBN 0744596920

Cold Paws, Warm Heart
Madeleine has produced a celebration of British birds and their songs in this covetable pocket book. Some 50 exquisite drawings of birds, along with their specific eggs are captured here for admirers of her work and nature enthusiasts alike. The book includes details of the songs and sounds made by each of the birds along with amusing anecdotes, from sparrows, tits, to the lyrical nightingale. The latter has up to 250 different phrases in his song and each performance is made up of a unique composition. The art of Madeleine Floyd is beautifully presented in this gem of a book and it will become much loved by many.

Anova Books
ISBN 9781905400973